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According to the research it has been found that employees’ poor performance could be a prominent reason for low productivity of organizations. The fluctuating performance of employees can be a great threat to the productivity of an enterprise and can degrade the overall output. To overcome such issue, the administrator of an enterprise needs to keep a close watch on the employees’ activities. Employee Desktop Live Viewer is such kind of tool that monitors all the employee desktops in a network and informs the administrator with recorded messages of desktop activities.


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Designed with latest monitoring technology, this PC activity monitoring software offers the facility of remote monitoring which records desktop activities of the employees without their knowledge. It’s an intelligent software that performs real time monitoring of the PCs and enables the admin personnel to view the activities live. The Employee Desktop Live Viewer software keeps a close eye on all the computers connected via LAN remotely from the administrator’s PC. This tool ensures you about the employees’ activities and helps in improving organization’s productivity by indulging the employees in business work only.

Some of the salient features of Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool are
  • Performs real time monitoring of all desktop activities over a LAN (Local Area Network).
  • Accurately monitors desktop activities of multiple computers from a remote centralized location.
  • Efficient in performing invisible and stealth monitoring from a remote computer.
  • Monitors and records activities of computers with dual monitor.
  • Records all employee activities and saves them in AVI format.
  • Capable to perform both online as well as offline recordings and schedule various settings.
  • Allows the administrator to manage computers remotely with various admin rights.
  • Enables the admin personnel to send instant message and monitoring notifications to the target computers.
  • Enhances employee efficiency and improves productivity.

Designed with advance monitoring features, this tool helps in evaluating the reason for decreased productivity and poor employee performance. This PC monitoring software also enables the network administrator to track employees’ activities during his/ her absence by scheduling offline recording. Using this feature, you can schedule the monitoring software to track and record employees’ activities for particular time period and you can view them later as the software saves the recordings in AVI format.

Now, PC monitoring software has become a necessity for organization owners and network administrators to avoid issues like poor employee efficiency, security breaches, misconducts and illegitimate transfer of confidential resources. To setup monitoring software in a LAN, the computers which are being monitored must exist in the domain or workgroup based network. Also, the administrator must have complete administrative rights to monitor the activities.

To get a clear understanding of the working of the software and view the desktop activities live you can download the trial version of Employee Desktop Live Viewer. Just download the trial version for free before buying and enjoy the benefits. But, you can work with the tool and monitor a single computer for seven days only. To have service for continuous period, purchase the full version.

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